Embedded Software

We are experienced in developing embedded software on various platforms in fields such as telephony, home automation, multimedia streaming, aeronautics, medical or networking.These platforms go from a simple board using a microcontroller (PIC, AVR, …) to more complex systems based on ARM, PowerPC or x86 processors.

We can take part in your project at different levels :

  • Low level software, to design drivers, bootloaders or to create file systems tailored to your needs.
  • System software, which will process tasks specific to your project in background.
  • User interface, using touchscreen or not (based on Qt, Enlightenment, Clutter, …).

These experiences enable us to fulfill as accurately as possible your needs concerning existing products, as well as to take part in your projects starting from the design phase in order reduce the time to market by proposing the right solutions.

Windows/Linux Support

We can also take part in your project concerning the interaction between your product and a computer :

  • Create drivers support for Linux/Windows
  • Create a software to interact with your product (retrieve information, configure the product, …)
  • Set up a safe update procedure for your product.

Mobile Apps

We can develop your mobile applications for Android, whether they are autonomous or communicating with a specific device.